Are fewer in office visits and declining reimbursements negatively affecting your practice’s profitability?
Drive revenue growth in your medical practice with Remote Patient Monitoring service.
Provide More Powerful Telemedicine

Combat declining revenue and patient volumes with RPM .

Research shows that declining reimbursement rates negatively affect the practice profitability of 65% of medical practitioners. Now, with the medical community feeling the effects of COVID-19, physician practices have seen a revenue decline of 55% and patient volume has decreased by 60%. 

CMS expanded remote patient monitoring to aid providers in delivering non face-to-face healthcare. Whether due to COVID-19, lack of transportation, patient in mobility, or rural areas, providing remote patient monitoring gives patients greater access to care and gives providers key information for improved care plans. RPM also enhances telemedicine, allowing medical providers to conduct real-time, remote triage during the telemedicine visit.

CareHalo’s Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) program integrates seamlessly with your operations to easily monitor and manage patients. RPM gives you access to vitals like glucose reading or blood pressure and allows you to provide more comprehensive telemedicine services. We provide the devices, we manage the technology, we track the patients, you focus on providing quality care.There’s no contract to sign. And you’ll never receive an invoice, no payments to CareHalo.
A Breakdown of RPM Reimbursements

Good patient health can translate into healthy profits. Medicare reimburses $94 per patient, per month. This can lead to an estimated net profit that would look like:

This is based on: Medicare payments for CPT codes 99453 and 99457 

Optimize Practice Profitability 

Remote Patient Monitoring with CareHalo is a lucrative solution that doesn’t only enhance the way you provide medical care, but it also helps to combat declining reimbursement rates as well as better manage patients with chronic conditions. It is designed to streamline medical care and support existing operations.

Here’s what it looks like in your practice:

Better Quality of Care 

Remotely monitoring your patients gives you a more comprehensive view of the patient’s health when they are not in your office for better care plans.

Improved Service Offering

Because you gain access to patient vitals and can carry out real-time, remote triage, you can provide more thorough telemedicine services.

Higher Reimbursements

CMS reimburses on average $94 per month, per patient for monitoring CareHalo requires no contract and there’s nothing you have to pay to CareHalo. Referring is simple, easy and fast. 

Reduce Hospital Readmissions

CareHalo solutions help to remotely monitor your complex and post-surgery discharged patients.

Lower Healthcare Costs

Decrease patient costs associated with preventable health emergencies.
Easy to Start, Easy to Use

As a medical provider, you don’t have endless hours to spend setting up new technology. We make it simple to add CareHalo Remote Patient Monitoring to your practice and easy for your patients to use.

  • No contract.
  • No payments to CareHalo.
  • Patient enrollment only takes a couple of minutes. You can start immediately.
  • An enrollment specialist is available for onboarding your patients.
  • We provide the devices, handle enrollment, device setup, patient monitoring, and support.
  • 24/7 Real-time access to the data, as well as a summary and detailed monthly reports.
Digital advancements are innovating the way medical professionals provide healthcare. These innovations can be leveraged or they can be lost, find out how Remote Patient Monitoring can enhance your practice.
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